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Plymouth Roadrunner Air Grabber Hood 440

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Hemi Orange
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Black Vinyl
2 Doors
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Information Plymouth Roadrunner



West Coast Classics are proud to present a great example of this rare and unrestored original southern California 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner 2 door Hardtop which was born and built in 9/1970 with a 383/335HP 4 barrel high performance engine with the optional 'Fresh Air'Air Grabber retractable hood with performance hood treatment, Heavy Duty A727 Torqueflite transmission, original 'Music Master AM Radio, Light Package, 3 speed wipers, hood or fender mounted turn signals, roof drip rail moldings, outside LH remote racing mirror, a white vinyl roof and still retaining its original 'Hemi Orange' color paint and a black vinyl bench seat interior!

The car is in virtually completely rust free condition with no signs of any major accidents and has been garaged in southern California by its long-time California owner for many years. The car is an unfinished project by the previous owner who died several years ago with its original 383 engine removed at some point and the car now has a 440 RB block from 1966-72 with the casting # 25364305 and with what looks like a date stamp from 10/1968 but with the heads and carbs etc removed and unavailable. We purchased the car 'as is' from the sister of the previous owner and the car has many parts left over from the project in the trunk including new headers, rollers, rockers, lifters, etc and the 'Coyote' air cleaner.

This is an absolutely perfect candidate for the muscle car enthusiast to restore or simply a great father and son project for any classic American muscle car enthusiast of a legendary 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner!

For 1968, the Plymouth lineup offered the high performance Roadrunner packed with a standard 383/335 HP engine with an optional 4 speed transmission, heavy duty suspension, GTX like hood bulges, a 'taxicab' basic interior, little cartoon bird decals on the doors and the unique 'Beep-Beep' horn! Combined with low weight, the 6-passenger Road Runner could run the 1/4 mile in 13.5 seconds at 105 mph (169 km/h). It would prove to be one of the best engines of the muscle car era, and the Road Runner one of the best platforms to utilize it. The Roadrunner was not fragile. Unlike some sports cars (such as the Corvette), it was built for serious street work, the Roadrunner was reportedly a favorite of moonshiners, faster than almost any police car and tough enough to take practically any bump, with good ground clearance to boot. Everything essential to performance and handling was beefed-up and improved; everything nonessential was left out. The interior was spartan, lacking even carpets in early models, and few options were available. A floor-mounted shifter featured only a rubber boot and no console so that a bench seat could be used. An "Air Grabber" option consisted of an air duct assembly bolted to the underside of the hood that connected to twin rectangular upward-facing scoops in the hood. When the hood was closed, a rubber seal fitted over a large oval unsilenced air cleaner assembly that ducted air directly into the engine. The scoops in the hood could be opened and closed via a lever under the dashboard. Continued only until 1970 and a 'Milestone classic car status' vehicle today! Because it was a bare-bones muscle car it's weight was kept as low as possible for an even better power to weight ratio than any of it's competitors. Plymouth needed a muscle car to really stand out from it's competition and with 335HP this car really lived up to it's name and could beat almost any other muscle car on the street, with the 440 or Hemi it was unbeatable! Dodge missed out on these low priced muscle cars at the beginning of the 1968 season but soon added the Super bee to counterpart the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner and Super Bee's performance quickly silenced any laughter coming from those who drove an SS, GTO or GTA, names that began to sound dated. Lean and mean, meant for boulevard cruising or an occasional street race, these vehicles offered the Mopar buyer the ultimate bang for the buck and the proof was that the Roadrunner was Motor Trend's Car of the year in 1969! One of the standout muscle cars of the sixties, rare today, a neat original Roadrunner is highly prized by collectors and Mopar enthusiasts!

This particular car was born in 1970 with the late owner passing on a few years ago when the car was inherited by his sister who stored the car in her garage until recently selling to us. The car is very straight with no signs of any accidents, the floor boards are solid and the trunk and the typical rust-prone areas of the rear window sill and rocker panels are also rust free and the car has only some very minor dents and scratches (see photos below). The car looks very impressive with it's original 'Hemi Orange' color factory paint and the black vinyl bench seat interior is also in very fine mostly all original condition throughout. Please note that the the original spare wheel is missing from the trunk.

Although a non-running unfinished project and obviously far from a concourse example, this remains a solid and honest and very rare and highly desirable and collectible very original example of one of the outstanding muscle cars of the late sixties, which has high repute amongst collectors for both it's beautiful lines and high performance.In summary, this is one increasingly desirable and collectible 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner with the highly prized option of the Air Grabber hood!

A sure-fire investment that's sure to appreciate over the years once restored for any classic American sixties muscle car enthusiast and a perfect restoration project for the Mopar enthusiast!

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